Our Story


Our Story

After a successful pilot project, the Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group continued to fund our project for a further three years. An independent report showed a clinical value of £5.84 for every £1 spent. The project went on to become a finalist at the prestigious national HSJ awards. The success of the project was based on:


Supporting local health and Wellbeing working with local GP surgeries and social prescribing agents as well as other local organisations for referrals.


Using sporting and physical activities as a universal language to engage the communities


Removing cultural boundaries and barriers and delivering the project around the needs of the individuals, ensuring cultural and religious needs are met.

Making A Difference

Over the years we have made a difference to the lives of over 1000 beneficiaries and continue to grow our programme into new areas for a wider reach as it’s easy to replicate. We started off at one venue and now deliver between seven different community venues.

The programme not only has clinical value (reducing HBA1c, BP, Weight) but the social value is far greater. The LGA programme reduces isolation, brings people together from all walks of life with a common goal, improves confidence and self-belief, meeting new people making new friends, learning new skills and different ways to stay active. The positive impact on Mental Health is of the scales.

Make A Referal

Do you need to refer an adult or child who will benefit from the LGA programme?